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How to select curtains for your home

How to select curtains for your home

Curtains have its aura, whether it is an elegant house, a beautiful mansion, luxurious restaurant or terrific hotel, or it could be a shop or beauty parlor. Now people are experimenting with designs and fabric that has given rise to many more designs.

How are curtains different from drapes?

Curtains hang from curtain rods, and they get extended to the floor or windowsill. It basically consists of light fabric and can make your room look darker, and it can even cause a blackout in the whole room. Whereas drapes are made from dark material, and they have the lining that blocks the light. It can give an aesthetic appearance to the room. Drapes are the perfect choice for a bedroom.

Select the Right Fabric

The choice of curtain material is directly proportional to the amount of light you want in your room. You can add beauty and splendor to your spaces by selecting the apt fabric. So which option you must go for, either polyester, velvet, cotton or silk fabric? It entirely depends on your choice or room preferences as each fabric has its elegance, and it would give an aesthetic appeal to your room.

• Cotton curtains are the perfect option for those people who want a clean and airy feel. Dark colours give excellent coverage, whereas the muted color tones bring lots of light to the room.
• Silk adds a tint of sophistication, romance and elegance to your room. Moreover, it is not as expensive as it seems to be.
• Velvet is a thick and heavy curtain that has insulating properties. You can add glamour to your dining room, master bedroom or living room. It does not only block sunlight but also sound to maintain extra privacy.


Cotton doesn’t need high maintenance as you can wash them in a machine by using cold water and hang it dry. It might shrink or mildew after one wash. You need to dry, clean silk fabric and keep them away from direct exposure to sunlight. Velvet gathers dust particles efficiently, so you need to clean it using the vacuum cleaner on a timely basis.


After fabric selection, it is important for you to choose the correct length, width and accessories. To add a substantial look to your drapes, you can add few extra inches that would puddle on the floor.
The curtain width depends on the window pane. To get its apt width, you need to measure the frame and multiply it by 2/2.5 factor.
Just like a few accessories can glorify our style statement, the same notion applies to the curtain as well. It can entirely uplift your room spirit or tone it down as per your accessories. You can add accessories and trim to your curtain to give it a magnificent look. You can then add valance (a beautiful frilled fabric used for decoration) to add glamour to your room. Besides that, you can even add pullbacks to your fabric like satin or velvet to make it look sleek and chic.

Design Selection

You can select the designs of your curtains according to your room spaces. For living room, you can choose light colors that would give your room a bigger look. For bedroom you can select dark colors, as it would block the sunlight. Beautiful prints make the curtain visually appealing. For your contemporary interior space, you buy curtains having quirky prints and geometrical patterns.

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