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Smart Home

Wouldn’t it feel amazing if your curtains opened automatically when the sun rises? Or if you could pay a substantial amount irrespective of how much electricity you use? Smart Home is a way in which you can achieve both of these things and much more. You may have heard of smart homes, and as the name suggests, these homes are really smart as they work based on home automation. Equipped with various features such as auto appliance controls, smart security systems, low consumption of energy etc. Let’s dive right into the world of Smart Homes!

Advantages of Home Automation :

A single entity is used to control almost everything at your smart home using home automation. Hence, you can execute anything at the push of a button. Isn’t that more convenient than having to run to different parts of the house to close all the windows at the time of a thunderstorm?

Below are some benefits of smart homes

  1. Convenience: Order your smart TV to play your favorite TV series or watch the light switch off automatically when you leave the room. After you get used to home automation, you will be able to feel how convenient it is.
  2. Conserve Energy: Thanks to motion sensors, it is now possible to finally save energy. You don’t have to remember turning off any appliance coz your smart home does it for you.
  3. Safer: With all the controls in your hands, smart homes are better than any other security device. Get a notification anytime there is a movement in or near your home when you are on holiday, and act immediately. You can do that now with the help of home automation.
  4. Easy Customization: Based on your requirements, you can choose to automate your appliances, or systems, or security, or everything at the same time. Also, enable, or disable any integration because you can customize your smart home in any way you want to at any point in time.

Ways To Control The Smart Home :

There are so many smart ways to control home automation. Below are few of the methods by which you can enable, disable any function related to your smart home.

1. Touch Panel: Instead of manual switches, a home automation is equipped with a touch panel via which you can switch on or switch off any electric appliance.

2. Scheduling: With this feature, the smart home owner is able to schedule specific time for the curtains to open, alarm to ring, etc. And all such functions occur automatically as scheduled.

3. Remote: Via a single remotecontrolyou will be able to control the entire functions that your home is equipped with. Place it on the sofa handle, or in the bathroom touch panel, it is used to make your life easier.

4. Voice control: Introducing voice control in the form of Alexa/Google home. Now you can command the device to perform any specific function such as playing a specific song, to switch on the fan, to close the curtains etc.

5. Mobile App: This is one of the best features, where you can take charge of the entire smart home from miles away. Just install the app in your mobile, and you are good to go.

6. 2 Way Keypad: If you are in your bedroom and you suddenly remember you forgot to switch off the fan in living room, will you go to living room to switch off the fan? No, if you have 2 way keypad function in you smart home and now you can switch off the fan of living room from you bedroom touch panel. 2 way keypad function gives you acces to all kaypads by connecting all the keypads with each other.

7. Proximity Sensor (Gesture Control): Smart homes have this feature so that energy can be saved to the fullest. A proximity sensor is intalled in the remote or touch panel. When it detects the user at the mentioned proximity, it performs the function it is programmed to perform.

8. Motion Sensors: Similar to proximity sensors, motion sensors are used to auto open and close doors. When the sensors detect a motion, the controllers execute the program.

What Does Home Automation Include?

Since the controls are always in your hands in the form of remote control, home automation includes maintaining everything in your home even when you are miles away. Home automation refers to the integration of software and hardware of home appliances and security systems. An active internet network controls the integration at the press of a button. Composed of controllers, sensors, and actuators, smart homes enable you to have total security control of your house even when you aren’t there.

  • Sensors – With the help of sensors, you don’t need to worry about switching off the light every time you leave the room. Since it includes motion, temperature, the lights turn on and off depending on all three factors. You can also enable or disable the same manually due to controllers, which we will discuss below.
  • Controllers – it is always safe to remain updated about the used energy. Controllers enable you to do just that. In case you left the lights manually switched on, the controller allows you to turn it off from a faraway distance. Connected to your PC, smartphone, and tablets, you will never miss an update regarding security, as well as the energy consumption of your smart home.
  • Actuators – Actuators are the system that allows the controller to execute the command. Present in the form of switches, motorized valves, and motors, these devices are programmed to function as per the given command.

Others :

Smart Plug:  A small adapter, connected with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, plugged into an electrical wall outlet is known as a smart plug. The smart plugs are affordable as they are available at a low cost. With a mobile app associated with a smart plug, you can automate and control all appliances in your home easily. While turning your home into a smart home, the app can even track energy consumption. Smart plugs not only manage energy-efficient appliances but also saves electricity bills.

IOT:  iot (Internet of Things) helps to coordinate smart home systems and appliances together based on your preferences. It not only provides Internet access to all the appliances but also let you automate actions. This way, all processes can be monitored and you can get better insights into all household work. With cost and energy savings, it ensures better security by connecting all gadgets and appliances. So, while enjoying your comfort, you also contribute to a “greener” environment.

Smart security system: It’s a common occurrence to either forget the main door of your house or lock all the windows and even get locked outside of your own house. A smart home solves all of these problems too. Since your security systems are connected to your Wi-Fi, you can enable or disable the fire alarms, get a trigger on your phone immediately in case of a break-in, and much more. Some of the best smart security and safety systems that you can install at your smart home are – Fire detectors & stabilizers, Smart home security system, Window and door sensors, Smart security cameras, Interactive alarms etc.

Conclusion :

Since most people today use their mobile devices to control and manage their lives, most smart home companies have adapted and now offer smart home mobile apps that you can install in your phone. They also have sleek, simple, and lightweight touchpads that are dedicated to controlling your home. Smart homes and home automation go hand in hand with energy conservation and convenience. Adapt to the smarter way of life!

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Things to Consider Before Home Renovation

Home designing is both exciting and tricky. Having an interior designer is just as having a safe pair of hands accompanying you throughout the process is unbeatable.

While planning and designing, you may feel daunting and troublesome. However, having the right interior designer by your side can effortlessly make your dream home a beautiful reality.

An interior designer knows everything in detail. So, besides having an expert, you should also contemplate some imperative points to get the desired outcomes.

Here we have compiled some must-to-consider points for your homework before starting home renovations! Go through it!

  • Be Specific About Design & Ideas

Be specific about the theme that you have decided for your home. Just have a handful of ideas by surfing over the web. In case of confusion, just consult Purpledesk interiors designers (Mumbai) for a handful of right advice and ideas on designs.

  • Know Your Budget

It’s better to prepare a budget first to avoid disappointments while running your over-the-top home renovations. It’s always advisable to be prepared for at least 20% extra than the budget you set. The reason is uncertainties lying in the future resulting in a rise in prices or change in your demands. If you still find yourself perplexed, then have a word with Purpledesk – interiors designers (Mumbai)

  • Be Realistic about work and time

Don’t be so strict with your timeline of home renovations. The quality outcomes usually take more time, so do not pressurize for the results. Be realistic and gentle about it!

  • Consider the Material

Check out types, quality, price, and the best brand of material you want to use in home renovation. If you have doubts then Purpledesk Best interior designers in Mumbai will help you choose the best material.

  • Taking Permission

Make sure you have taken all the required legal permissions you need to take before continuing your home construction work. It avoids delays and progresses the work smoothly & uninterruptedly!

  • Stay Organized

To save your time and effort, you just need to contemplate the whole thing. Each bill, payment note, warranty card, and even schedule must be well-organized so that you can quickly use them whenever the need arises, without getting lost in the clutter of things.

  • Drawings and 3D Views

It’s good to prepare a drawing for ceaseless execution, accuracy in work, and design consistency. Besides, the Purpledesk interior designers in Mumbai provide you a 3D view as well for a more detailing and elaborated vista of your new home. It makes you acquainted with each detail deeply!

  • Temporary Stay

Till the home get ready, you must remain clear that you have to safely shift to the temporary vicinity. It’s necessary for smooth work completion. You can prefer a rented home or any other option that seems convenient for you.

  • Stay Mentally Prepared

It’s good to be mentally prepared for complete home renovation work. You ought to spare time for material selection, varied design approvals, proper coordination, and even site visits. Interior designer will guide you throughout the process and make it quite easy!

  • Plan Your Home at the Right Time

Not accentuating time properly might tremble your whole home renovation planning. So, keep a cool head and discuss everything with your family. Do some research, underscore important days of your family, any medical appointments, study requirements, or school exams of your kids, and then plan accordingly. Just check out your time availability and then kick off the home renovation!

  • Discern Your Duties

Understand your role being a homeowner. You need to get involved, plan, give direction, guidance, suggestions, and make timely decisions and approvals for smooth conduct of the process. Leave your hesitations and ignorance to get saved from delays, troubles, additional costs, and mistakes.

  • Be Practical

You need to stay clear-sighted about the results you are going to get. Unjust expectations will never satisfy you. So, consider your budget first and relate it to your expectations.

Bottom Line!

Purpledesk – interior designers (Mumbai) have transformed numerous spaces and provided a dreamy look by keeping up with the expectations of clients. Completing your homework is a prelude to the best results. However, Purpledesk – interior designers (Mumbai) are always there to help you out.

So, if you are looking for the best interior designers in Mumbai to remodel your home then just feel free to contact Purpledesk – interior designers (Mumbai)

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Why to hire an interior designer

          Hiring an interior designer helps you save money and avoid costly mistake in home renovation. If you are thinking of renovating your home, you should definitely hire an interior designer. An interior designer has not only expertise but also creative skills that can decorate your home hassle-free. Designer assures you get value for money by defining your style skillfully.

Benefits of hiring an Interior Designer :

  • Wow factor :

The WOW factor is just what you have always been looking for in your space. The designers are trained to see a more impactful picture of the space you might miss. The result is therefore much better and looks more relatable to you.

  • Save money and time :

Redecorating a room or a space in your house involves extensive research work, which is why you need a designer to save your time. Considering the structure, the location and the size of the space you want to design, there are many styles available that might make you confuse. Hiring an interior designer saves all that time for you. Not only that, they even arrange a wide variety of products according to your budget which does need some expertise in this field. Hiring a designer assures you of no more extra purchases or realizing after a purchase that the product doesn’t go well with space.

  • Visual story-teller :

With the help of Computer graphic images (3D visualization), pictures, and moodboards, the designer tries to picture out your emotions in the space you want to design for yourself. They collect all the relevant information and then turn it into visual storytelling, which includes being able to see what your space would look like and decide if you want to change something or not rather than getting the product itself and getting stuck. It is not just the representation of all the collected information but it actually gives a visual aspect to you, which is more powerful as well as easy for you to understand.

  • Budget management :

Once given the budget, the designers work accordingly. Having a number of resources about products and brands, the designers are smart enough to show you the options which do not exceed your budget as well as meet your expectations. You have all the liberty to guide the designers on the budget and what you want and what you don’t. So, you get to build that dream house of yours, within your guided budget, with your selected designs, color schemes and furniture, making a comfortable and your style of environment for you to live.

  • Error-free work :

Not hiring a designer means experimenting with designs that may not end up forming the space the way you wanted. The correct color concerning the furniture, the walls, the curtains is a tough job to do. Hiring a designer promises you the ease of work and prevents any ifs and buts as they select the appropriate items which match everything in the room. Knowing these details in advance also helps in the construction being error-free, be it for your home or office space.

  • Better resources and contacts :

This is pretty obvious that you cannot have the connections in the field of designing better than a designer himself. Having access to a large number of resources and connections and a greater amount of public dealing, the designers can make your place look more unique. Hiring a designer gives you access to a list of retailers, which can help you choose all the resources which suit your budget. Hiring a designer means that you would not face any hassle in finding vendors, matching your schedules. You can be assured of the work to be done according to your standards.

  • Define your style :

If you run through the ideas and still cannot pick one, the designer is the only one who can help you choose the best suitable thing which matches your idea of your dream house. They work closely to understand how you would define your space according to your style and preferences. They are quite skilled at picking up what you think and convert your normal space into something which represents your style and it feels like you.

  • Value for money :

Hiring a designer promises you a well-designed house with some innovative ideas, and it is surely going to put a good value on your house. It doesn’t add to the expenditure, instead hiring a designer assures the correct output and gives you value for the money invested.

  • A trained eye :

The designers consider every single detail, having spent years achieving perfection in their craft. They are well trained to analyze the space more creatively. The designers genuinely bring that wow factor which seems to be missing if you do it on your own. They define your thoughts into actual space in a better way.

  • Qualified liaison :

A designer helps you build a better bond between you and your vendor and contractor. This helps in correcting any early mistake regarding the construction part which may not match with your wanted design. A qualified liaison plays an important role in saving your time as well as your money. The designers are smart enough to overlook any decision you may take which might not suit the design you want.

Conclusion :

So, hiring an interior designer can prove to be very beneficial for homeowners. They not only capture your idea of the space you want but also help in actually bringing your idea to reality. The designers provide fresh, creative, and cost-effective designs with an accurate estimation. They ensure that every aspect from expert waterproffing to termite treatment for your furniture. While planning, they take into consideration Vastu/Fengshui as per your requirement. There are no hidden costs when hiring a designer, as well as there’s a price match guarantee between the initially given prices and the final costing. Otherwise, there could about a 40 percent hike in the same if you do it on your own. The designer is your one-stop source for all your interior needs, saving your time you invest in multiple market trips for the same products. The designers work on fixed timelines for delivery rather than taking unreliable time. You are also assured of the material used and the whole workflow is managed by the in-house team rather than outsourcing the work. The designer also offers you after sales support which is nowhere to be seen if you do it by yourself.

With a simple calculation, you will be able to understand that hring a designer would not disturb your budget. Designers take care that there is minimum wastage, thus, saving around 6% of total amount you would have spent. They, further, save 9% that you would have spent whie negotiating with contractors/vendors. An approximate of 5% is saved while managing the budget. So, even if designer charges 10% of his services while saving approximately 20% for you, it’s a win-win situation.

If you are planning to renovate your home and save money as well, you should definitely hire an interior designer. He would assist you to meet your requirements in minimum cost possible along with minimum wastage.

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